So Much More Than Just a Garden
This really is a garden with something for everyone, yet without compromise. There is a huge range of plants for the plants people, with plenty of interest at every time of year, there is inspiration for both experienced and novice gardeners, and peace and tranquillity for the stressed. There is a shorter route for the less able which covers the main features, and longer routes for the more able.
It is an adventure and fantasy garden for the children, it's a sculpture park, a water garden, a wildlife garden and a garden of peace and tranquility.
Although the individual gardens differ widely in character, they still hang together as a delicious whole. It's an appreciation of water, wood, and stone, an enthusiasm for plants and local wildlife. It's too big for us to keep particularly tidy, but it is peaceful, inspiring and colourful, quirky and wonderful, full of surprises, and a great day out for all the family.
Short listed for Welsh Garden of the Year 2016 in Wales on Line.
Joint runner up of "Garden of the Year", category "Challenging Plot" Gardener's World magazine 2017.
An Adventure and Fantasy Garden for Children
This garden gives kids the space to explore and have adventures. There is a 1/2 scale steam train to play on, a willow den, a cave (with light shafts, so it's not too dark) a variety of dragons, a jungle with African hut, lots of musical instruments, various surprises, and the opportunity to do pond dipping.
We welcome  school parties too, for pond dipping, sketching, photography, or simply for an end of year treat. Accompanying adults get a discounted rate.

       A Wildlife Garden

This garden is set in a 9 acre site, with forest on one border, and moorland on the other three. There is a variety of habitats, plenty of shelter, and food plants. "Create the habitat, and the wildlife will move in" the saying goes, and move in it has. A couple of years ago we had a bird  count done, and over 40 species were identified in one day. There are water voles, lots of rabbits, lots of pond life, the occasional otter, lizards, insect life, and I am sure there is much much more that we don't see.

We recently aquired 2 new residents. Pine Martens became extinct in Wales, and In Autumn 2015, 20 individuals were catured from a thriving population in Scotland and introduced to mid Wales. One of the females, PM 16, declined the site she was offered, she came here, and gave birth here to a healthy kit, featured (briefly) on Springwatch 06.06.16. Unfortunately it is unlikely you will actually see them, but they are stll here, and being monitored regularly.

                       Outdoor Art and Sculpture Park

There are lots of sculptures and pieces of our artwork throughout the garden, most of which we have made ourselves, though we have bought a few

                              Water Garden

The site of the garden was originally bog. Just dig a hole here, and there is an instant pond. Instead of attempting to drain the land, we have embraced the water. There are multiple ponds, water falls, and damp areas.

               Flower Garden

And of course, lots of gorgeous plants and flowers.

  A Garden of Peace and Tranquility

Sitting by water in a beautiful garden is relaxing, but in this garden it seems to be more so. We have noticed that when visitors come here, their stresses lift off them and they find peace. The National Garden Scheme supports people dealing with cancer by providing funds for those charities. We support them also by offering time in the garden for free. It is a safe haven, away from the madding crowds, away from clinical surroundings. It’s somewhere to come for an enjoyable afternoon out, to spend quality time with friends and family. It’s somewhere to come for a bit of an adventure, or simply to sit, and recharge their batteries.  The garden is big enough, that there is space for children to enjoy themselves in some areas, allowing peace in others.   The temple in the photo below, and its surrounding garden were especially designed for peace and contemplation.   
There is a very long history of healing at Bwlch y Geuffordd - Gateway to the Mountain. Just 10 minutes walk from here, a trio of inconspicuous springs nestle into the hillside. See the photos above, of the wells, and the wider view of the mountain where they are. This is Ffynnon dim Rhewi, the well that never freezes, a sacred, ancient site dating back to the bronze age. There was no doctor at all in this area, until 1900, when one Dr. Lloyd arrived in a town 7 miles from here. Throughout the 18th century and beyond, people from miles around used to flock here, to these wells. The wells were holy, the water was medicinal, and people had faith in it.
It is said that in ancient times, they were linked to a deity, a 3 in 1 deity - the Celtic triple goddess of healing. The photo of the sculpture is the Celtic symbol of the triple goddess.